South Florida.
I can feel the heat.

This is my fifth time trying to write this post. There's simply so much I wanna say about Florida and how much I fell in love with Miami, I can't. So instead of me trying to compile my thoughts into a carefully planned text I'll go crazy and deliver you some raw emotions. 

There are things I treasure more than any kind of material object (and God you know how much I love clothes). Making memories, even if I'm not documenting it in any way. So let me go through some of my beautiful memories I made there. 

Sitting on the edge of the beach close to the shark-infested waters observing how the golden sun's drowning in the blue Caribbean sea. Wow that actually sounds way more epic than I imagined. Its true, through out all of my days in Miami I wasn't able to swim in the local sea cause of the amount of sharks swimming by the shore (btw you can tell that by looking for a purple flag waving from the local rescue booths). I love the ocean. Its that part of our world that truly fascinates me the most. I'm fascinated by the ocean's color, sound, marine life, mysteries it holds. So no shark can really make me not wanna chill by the sea. Sitting on the warm sand, listening to the songs that make you feel good and slowly closing your eyes inhaling oceanic air. You feel free. Priceless. You feel peaceful and realise how meaningless all of your problems are. 

What's even more awesome is the fact that there were other people like me. Everyone was just sitting there, silently, not saying a word. Everyone was just there to listen to lyrical music and contemplate about life. That brings me to my next memory of Miami. It's amazing residents. People from Miami kinda remind me of Californians, they enjoy life. They live in harmony with nature (perhaps thats why Miami has the cleanest air among all the major American cities). Miamians don't need much from life, they are grateful for it has already given them. They are really chill and extremely chatty. During my stay there I met countless amount of people with whom I quickly became friends. Its easy to talk to them, you feel like you've known them for your entire life. I admire that friendly lifestyle and it seems like everyone there just ... gets it. 

Of course I've had many unforgettable meals like the famous Stone Crab at Joe's (literally had to wait for 2 hours to get a table, I obviously have a thing for fresh crab). Of course I enjoyed the night walks on Ocean Drive - one of the coolest party streets I've even been to (K so I'm totally going there for my 21st birthday). But the last memory I wanna mention here is me seeing alligators in the wild. I ain't lying, nope, its true. So I travelled all the way to the Everglades National Park. Everglades is country's third largest national park where you can actually see both the alligators and crocodiles (so there are many differences but the main one is that crocs can actually filter sodium which means they can also live in the salt water i.e. near the sea). Everglades is wild. Its so wild. THIS is what Florida looked like before any kind of human activity in this area. Its beautiful and pure. You can't really walk there because: one - 60% of animals there can actually kill you, two - because its pretty much a huge marshland where you can only navigate by boat. Alligators are huge badass lizards. Thats it, I don't know how else I can describe them. Their skin is the perfect armour. Their fangs is the perfect weapon. They look glorious and ancient, I think I've actually read somewhere that alligators are the most ancient creatures on our planet, coming from the dinosaur times. I don't know about y'all but seems pretty true to me (Oh by the way I also managed to capture a huge yellow Common Iguana  chilling on the tree! See if you can find it!).

South Florida is the place where you really have to travel at least once in your life time. Because of Miami Beach, Cuban food, colorful walls of Wynwood, breathtaking nature of Everglades and amazing people who inhabit this area. I can already see myself sipping on some Cuba Libre in one year's time ... somewhere on Ocean Drive ... with DJ Khaled (lol). 

Thanks for reading!