So New York...

As a guy who lives on Manhattan I can say one thing for sure - everyone who lives on Manhattan believe that Manhattan is New York in its whole entirety. I mean I can't say I blame them, Manhattan is really ... impressive (oh please we all know its the centre of the freaking universe lol). Have to admit I'm kinda guilty of that thinking myself, its very rare when I actually travel outside of the island. There's more to what meets the eye however, we simply forget about other major neighbourhoods in this vast megapolis ...  like Queens and Brooklyn. So how about I spill some tea about Brooklyn?

So, what do we know about Brooklyn? Well, did you know that Brooklyn is one of the biggest neighbourhoods in the world? Its true, if Brooklyn was to separate from New York it would automatically become nation's 4th largest city (First one would be L.A, followed by Chicago and NYC). Brooklyn's a true mecca for every artist and ... hipster ... if you will (lol). It is here where you can try the ONLY rainbow bagels on our planet. It is here where you can walk past numerous blocks covered in vibrant graffitis. It is the birthplace of the hip-hop culture and home to Jay'Z, Lil'Kim and Desiigner.

One of the biggest discoveries about Brooklyn I made is its residents. It feels like people who live here are a little more genuine and honest than on Manhattan (no offence I'm from Manhattan myself lol) . It looks like people from Brooklyn are not blinded by the Manhattan lights and have a crazy sense of community. I know a few people who never say they're from New York, they say "I'm from Brooklyn". This place feels alien to New York and the whole contrast to Manhattan is pretty insane. Nonetheless it is a crucial part of the city, something you can't simply miss when in New York. 

If anyone every told me they only have 24 hours to spare in NYC I'd definitely recommend visiting Dumbo. 
Dumbo (literally stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass lol) is one of my favourite spots in the city. It's much less crowded than your average must-see Brooklyn Bridge and has a lot of cool places to offer. One of the best things about Dumbo is the view it opens on Manhattan. There are two places from where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the Manhattan skyline in my opinion - Dumbo or New Jersey. The jaw dropping panorama of the island is really something every one has to see for themselves to understand why New York is the city many dream of.

Bellow are some of the pics I took last time I was in Dumbo! Once again I'm rocking my trusty polyurethane Kanye coat (YEEZY Season III) cause you know it gets pretty chilly in New York in March (Summer where u at?).