Interview with Annina Roescheisen.

Life of an artist.

I really like meeting creative individuals, people who inhale ideas and exhale art. This week I needed to shoot a feature story for New York Film Academy and while researching my stuff I stumbled upon a Time Out article about NYC’s top 10 artists. One of them was Annina Roescheisen, a German multimedia artist. Annina is an celebrated international artist and is extremely creative. She specialises on video art and photography and her work is being presented in NYC, London, Paris and many other places around the globe (In case you didn’t notice she’s a really big deal).

I just had to interview her, so I contacted her press agent and a week later I found myself in her studio in Brooklyn. Annina’s studio is just an ideal artist's den. White walls, art pieces laying around and a lot of lights illuminating the room. We shot my project (the link will be just bellow) and had a nice chat about art and life. So today you’re up for a treat. Consider it an early Christmas present (lol) here’s an exclusive interview with Annina Roescheisen!

Vitalijs: So Annina, where do you get your inspiration from?

Annina: From everybody and everywhere. I think mostly ... probably from nature. If I read something - any keyword. If you are going to say something and you say any word which is probably completely unimportant to you - it can drop off something in my head where I’m just getting this one vision and I just go crazy and I go writing. Its like that all the time, I can’t control it actually ... (laughs).

Vitalijs: Which themes do you pursue in your work the most?

Annina: Its always the themes which are basically linked to philanthropy and to … social topics. I think art is a language, where we still have a freedom of speech so I think art can do a lot on social levels. So everything that’s based on emotions, content of life and humans in general.

Vitalijs: Can you tell us … why art?

Annina: Why art? (exhaling) It was a long journey for me. I studied history of art, I studied political philosophy and worked in different sections of art. But for me art was this … space where you have freedom! You can be very creative, you can get out of your comfort zone every day, because you have to dig in yourself, you have to share with others … I want to share with others. So I thought for me this is one of the languages that I speak … that I feel the most comfortable when speaking to people.

Vitalijs: Can you name three artists you would like to be compared to?

Annina: Argh … I don’t like to be compared in general! But people that I admire a lot (artists) is Jheronimus Bosch which is an artist of the Medieval times. I love Marina Abramovic’s work, I think she is very progressive and I am a fan of Matthew Barney.

Vitalijs: Can you tell us a little bit about your work? What do you do?

Annina: I’m basically a multimedia artist but I work a lot with film. For me … I don’t think of film or video art very technically. I think its like a painting in motion and that’s exactly how I work with it. For me its broader … than If I would just paint because I can put so much more into it. Its 3D, I can put music into it, I can put content and storytelling into it. That’s basically what I work the most with but it goes beyond that. It goes more and more into philanthropy and I really like breaking this elitist thinking in art and make art more accessible to all sort of people. So I would say these are probably the key points of my work it general.

Vitalijs: Great! Well thanks a lot!

Annina: Thank you for coming!

To find out more about Annina’s work visit her official website here: