You totally need these items here. Totally.

If average pedestrian spends about 6 hours a day walking, a New Yorker would spend twice as much. Not only we walk more, It is quite often that we carry backpacks and bags with us as well (what a struggle right?). Every bag is filled with the essentials for living here. So today I present to you my edit of essentials (the ones I carry in my backpack) that every New Yorker should have on the go to successfully live here.

So let’s start!

First off, can I just say one thing … sneakers! Every New Yorker has a bunch of sneakers for different occasions. They are both practical and stylish. We move a lot, so we need comfy kicks to go from one location to the other. Getting good sneakers is probably the best investment you can make here so if you’re new in town - Adidas or Nike are officially your new favourite brands. If you consider yourself an edgy fashionista you can of course get some awesome sneakers from Gucci or Rick Owens, they’ll be more durable but as we all know it’ll cost you the comfort.

Shades! Right, ok … I wear shades in any part of the world, true. However, the sun is city’s friend and it appears when you really don't expect it to. White winter sun, hot summer sun rays - doesn’t matter. So get your Ray Bans out and protect your eyes.

Apple Watch - I mean technology is great, but normal, classic watch would do just fine (lol).

Cardholder. Ok, so the absolute majority of people I know (including myself) have a tremendous amount of cards. I barely use cash nowadays, so cardholder seems to be a natural choice over a regular wallet. You have your credit cards, subway pass, loyalty cards and bla bla bla. So yeah card holders are key to minimalism and practicality (no offence wallet lovers <3). I highly recommend investing in a nice card holder like Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton it’ll serve you nicely for many many months.

Business cards … cause you never know who you might meet. You meet new people all the time and everyone exchanges contacts here. So why not taking your business cards with you every day? (I mean really, why not?)

A compact umbrella, like the ones from Samsonite. NYC is occasionally being hit by storms and rain is kind of part of the local lifestyle here. Pretty much like in London. So always have your umbrella with you!

Styling Gum - cause hair should ALWAYS be on point.

Portable speaker. NYC is full of cool spots and parties, bringing you favourite beats everywhere you go is just another way of making your day special.

Earphones - if you live in New York and don’t have headphones/earphones - no. Like no, it just doesn’t work that way. You can probably think of yourself as of citizen or free spirit or smth … but NEVER a New Yorker. Go get your earphones man.

Finally a Fujifilm/Polaroid camera. NYC is alive 24/7, you go to different places, work, school, meet new people. You want your memories to last forever. There is simply no better way to make it happen than to take physical pictures on the go. I’m using my camera all the time. Like I’m not even kidding, even if I lived somewhere else I would still use it ( that’s the power of “physicality of pictures”) (lol).

So there you go! These are my essential items, the ones I carry all the time. At least, these are the ones that fit in my backpack … may be I should actually get a bigger backpack … I heard Givenchy has some really cute ones this season …