Tadashi Shoji reinvents florals.

It is quite common for the fashion world to embrace all the bright and nature driven motives during the Spring/Summer period. There's one designer however who decided that florals aren't only good for Spring but for the Fall as well. Make no mistake its not me being sarcastic or trying to impose the famous line from The Devil Wears Prada here. "Flowers? For Spring? Groundbreaking." Well in this case, they kind of are because these are whole different kind of flowers made for a whole different time.

There's a stigma flying in the air that flowers are something to associate with playfulness and lightness. Well this season Tadashi Shoji offered a different proposition. Flowers can also be elegant and more importantly extremely luxurious. Here Shoji embraces the dark hues reviving romanticism in these floral patterns. These florals feel sensual, they feel rich. 

Velvet dresses ruled the catwalk show here. Forest green, royal blue and cardinal red are just few of the colors the dresses were made in. Some dresses included the floral embroidery and lace as well. Massive floral brocades were set on extravagant coats making them fantastic statement pieces. As well as that we were up for a treat that night seeing some fantastic jacquard coats and capelet both featuring some faux fur (done in forest green and baby pink). Few of the dresses included some of the transparent sequins making the whole ensemble draping over the body like a liquid. 

All shoes were made in a collabroation with Nine West and accessories were provided by Sequin.

Tadashi Shoji never disappoints. There's something in this collection that unites the globe once again borrowing certain aspects of cultures from different parts of the world. This collection reminds me of beautiful gardens of Ch√Ęteau de Versailles, nightclubs of Tokyo and balls in Venice. 
This collection embodies everything great about the art and romance.