"It is not the walls that make the city, but the people who live within them. The walls of London may be battered, but the spirit of the Londoner stands resolute and undismayed." –   King George VI

London is a glorious monument to a human triumph. The city's been standing for thousands of years and will stay for many more to come. It is the people who inhabit London however that really make the town so special. London or Londinium if you like is home to people of every skin color, religion or walk of life you could possibly think of. It's community is the grand pillar that everything is holding upon and around which the entire British society withstood changes.

So its really no wonder why for Spring/Summer 18 Oliver Spencer decided to celebrate the unique identity of his home town, simply calling the collection the "Love town". 

Oliver shared his idea of what every modern Londoner should look like. It is a nice combination of traditions and modernity. Soft tailoring - Spencer's signature move was the main feature of the collection. Layers of thin organic cotton were flowing on the wind as the models were marching to the beat of the 90s. The relaxed fits consisted of cotton shirts made in burnt orange and onyx black, light parkas made in beige and black as well as some leather/cotton bombers done in black and royal blue respectively. It of course wouldn't be Oliver Spencer without some suits and his famous modern twist to the men's suiting. There was quite a selection of men's blazers detailed with grey vertical stripes and blue checks. Most of the looks were paired with some check printed shorts/trousers, a tribute to Oliver's days in the realm of the traditional English formalwear.

The diversity of colors, models and clothes throughout the collection was extremely fitting with the chosen theme  - multi-culturality of London. A unique ability to be a place where different cultures collide, grow and interconnect with each other is something that the capital of the UK can proudly boast about - embracing the world and everything it offers.