Ocean blues, denim dreams.

Miami has a completely different vibe from New York. It feels tropical and fresh, I just wanted to incorporate that mood into my look. This outfit features my new favourite denim jacket which was actually fully hand-painted by an extremely talented artist called Misty Lux. Misty's honestly a hidden gem in the art world and can literally fulfil all of your dreams when it comes to the customisation of your garments.

Distressing, various shades of green and purple, giant snake and a slogan on the back. Misty threw all of my favourite components into the pot and created this masterpiece.This jacket feels really special, it feels like an original work of art. If you know me - you know that I'm not a biggest fan of denim mostly because the majority of all denim garments look the same to me. This jacket however is an item I simply can't get enough of and it holds a very special place in my wardrobe.

So If you're a fan of statement pieces like me then I highly suggest that you check out Misty's other work (
IG: https://www.instagram.com/callievibes/ or drop her an e-mail: Mistylux.ny@gmail.com)! This vintagy photoshoot took place in Wynwood which is a huge art district in Central Miami. Its a place where every single wall represents a unique idea and a perfection of a human vision. Its a true mecca for a dreamer like me. 

Tee by: Y3
Custom denim jacket by: Misty Lux
Shorts by: Raf Simons
Sneakers by: Giuseppe Zanotti