"No one man should have all that power"

Are you ready for another season of hobo-like clothes? Well, I hope you are! Because its time to talk about Kanye's YEEZY Season 3 collection! Yep, thats right, the collection dropped yesterday and that is quite exciting.

First though let’s get one think straight - I love Kanye. He’s definitely an artist/creative individual I have a deep respect for. So all jokes aside, he rocks.

Last September Yeezy dropped his first collection which was a collaboration of Kanye with Adidas. Price tag started at $220 and went all the to $2100. I remember West receiving a fair share of criticism for the prices for his items (even though the collection was a commercially successful one). I have to confess I was definitely disappointed by Season 1. The colour palette was alright I guess but I feel like it was really lacking a great craftsmanship and a fair price. What I am trying to say is that some items looked too Rick Owens (colours, baggy, brutalist) and the collection was really Adidas in terms of quality. Oh and yeah, I personally know herds of people who dream of getting Yeezys but guess what? Can’t afford them.

But fear not! Yeezus listened to our cries and came up with a new collection! I’m not talking about Season 2 … which mysteriously never went into production. We’re stepping right into season number three. After Kanye’s ultra “FAMOUS” (see what I did there?) presentation in Madison Square Garden millions of people where hyped up for the release of the collection in later 2016. Good people of the twenty first century, the time has come.

It is worth mentioning several things. First of, this collection seems to be Kanye’s own! That’s right, looks like it doesn’t have any Adidas strings attached to it and its all about Kanye. As well as that, Kanye has made numerous announcements of him working with experts from others brands. While creating this collection he worked with guys who worked in Givenchy, Celine and many others. So … (no offence Kanye, but now I feel like its gonna get much better and I trust those guys more when it comes to designing clothes lol). And yes, it happened, the price tag has dropped dramatically, the cheapest item in the collection sells for $175 (for a basic tee with exposed seams) and the most expensive one is a jacket in yellow shearling and leather which goes for $1500 but c’mon people, its shearling!

So when the collection hit the stores yesterday I immediately ran to Barneys to check it out in person. I’ve tried on about 10 different items. One thing I can say for sure is that I like the new colour palette better than the previous one. Cranberry red, wet concrete, ember yellow, onyx black, milk white … I’m not gonna lie these are the colours I truly adore. Of course there were also just plain olive coloured tees … because … Kanye. But that’s totally fine. Also, this time I think there is more value to the clothes. The cotton feels thicker and smoother, the seams align perfectly and every garment is unique (I believe they used a stone wash technique). Clothes is oversized and baggy, just as I like it and as mentioned before - the items are cheaper too. My favourite Item I bought must be the oversized sweatshirt in onyx black, I just think its absolutely brilliant, extremely raw and edgy.

All in all, I believe Kanye's new collection is a major step forward for the brand. It has more creativity to it. Its hip-hop. Its punk rock. Its really big and baggy. And this time the collection really deserves a special place in the wardrobe.