Nicholas K and the hip hop craze

Earlier this morning New York City was hit by a massive snow storm by the name of "Niko". So I had a really huge dilemma whether I should battle all the blizzards to get to the morning show or stay in my cosy home and have some nice sleep. Well, I am happy I decided to step out outside because Nicholas K didn't disappoint.

Focusing on the idea of diversity and rebellious spirit Nicholas K takes us on an adventure through the 90s. The collection is a true celebration of diversity featuring clothes done in velvet, shearling, leather and of course some cotton jersey. There was a perfect balance of colors between all the fabrics. Cotton tops and outerwear shared various shades of brown (camel brown and sand brown in particular). Velvet items were done in crimson red and leather jackets were either plain black or metallic rose gold. A rebellious look was finished with the oversized beret done in all possible mentioned fabrics.

All the Jewellery was created by K/LLER Collection which is a local brand, based in New York where they take sustainability to a whole new level. They use recycled metal from the by-products from the farming industry to create their pieces. A collaboration between two brands seems really natural as they really add up to one another.

It seems like this collection has all the aspects a perfect hiphop ensemble should have ... even the musicians. The show was accompanied by DJ Rob Swift and Latasha Alcindor who are both multi-talented artists from New York City. Rob provided his best beats while Latasha was rapping along side marching models.

Nicholas K created an army of rebellious, creative, beautiful individuals. Its a great comment on how the times are changing and repeat themselves at the same time. A comment on how people are the ones who possess the real, true power capable of shaping their own future.