My winter time essentials.

Sorry for not posting for a long time, I had a rough time finishing my projects at school. Today’s the first day of my winter break and the first time it snowed this season. So it seems like the timing is right - here’s the list of items I can’t live without during the cold times.

A nice warm beanie (mine is by H&M x Kenzo). The vital word here is warm. So let’s say "no" to cotton and embrace mohair and wool. If  you're really not a fan of wool because it can be really uncomfortable to wear -  try virgin wool or merino wool - they are are super soft.

A thin black belt to go with every pair of your black jeans (mine is by Karl Lagerfeld). No chunky pieces - you wanna stay minimalistic and mobile.

A compact umbrella. You know the drill, NYC is a rainy place - so during the winter time it gets even worse. So stay protected at all times by having "a shield" above you.

A giant scarf/shawl (I bought mine in Scottish Highlands it's 100% Scottish cashmere, not sure what the brand is). Use it as a shroud, cover the upper neck and if necessary the face as well. The playfulness of the scarf is limitless, you can try YouTube for tutorials if want. Cashmere is the best option in my opinion, but any type of wool will do just fine. Choose one of the neutral colors for the perfect winter mood. You can also go with a bright color like crimson red or royal blue to create a nice contrast.

A nice winter perfume (My favorite is by Chanel: Jersey). I'm a firm believer in the seasonal perfumes. Some perfumes truly "shine" in the hot weather, some shine in cold. So create your perfect winter aura with the scent of your choice.

Last but not least - a pair of gloves. Not necessarily the ones with the finger holes I just like them better (both of my pairs are by Karl Lagerfeld). I’d say go with wool or leather. When it comes to the lining - the warmer it is - the better. One of my pairs has a suede lining and the longer ones have faux fur inside. So these gloves keep me warm and give me this stylish finishing touch.

Also, when it comes to jackets don't forget to pick the ones with the faux fur or shearling lining because we all know they will keep you warm.

So there you go, that was my list. If you need any more tips on how to “do winter” - I highly recommend getting a cup of hot cocoa and sit somewhere cosy  like by a fireplace … or by a giant TV watching some series on Netflix...

Stay warm!