Louis Vuitton x Supreme

If you haven't already noticed, fashion world has been all about the collaborations lately. In times when H&M x KENZO are creating the wildest of patterns and Adidas x Rihanna push the boundaries of sportswear a new collaboration come into the existence.

So for those who missed the latest news, be ready to be blown away. Louis Vuitton and Supreme decided to bring the collaboration game to the next level, creating the ultimate collection.

Supreme is famous for its right-in-the-face signature logo, use of the red color and simplicity of the designs. Its also famous for being one of the biggest urban brands of 2016 (along with Vetements). Louis Vuitton on the other hand comes from a completely different realm - the one of luxury and conservatism. Its safe to say that this collection has it all. Oversized red bombers with LV's signature flower pattern, shield sunglasses with "Supreme" logo written all over them and constant use of the red color.

Personally I believe Supreme is a bit overrated and has very little place in the world of high fashion. I'm not going to lie to you though, the accessories game is pretty strong. These shield glasses, leather red gloves and the red mini-bag iPhone case - I just need them, like now. 

All pictures were taken from the official Instagram pages of: @BryanBoy, @TravisScott and @SupremeNewYork.