Life in NYC and all the buzz.

I guess deep inside of all of us we all have this little dream to visit or to live in New York City. To me NYC represents everything great about the twenty first century. The gigantic billboards on Times Square, Wi-Fi booths on the eighth avenue (I know right? Whaaa?) fantastic nightlife, 80 story buildings and the most outrageous fashion. Sounds familiar? Yeah, that's New York.

There's however more than meets the eye and I'd like to play a little "True or False" game. So here we go! 

"New York is filthy".

Erm duh. You have millions of people living here and millions of tourists coming here every week. There's plenty of garbage on the streets and occassianly you can see rats in the subway. As a bonus, you also have the unbearable smells. Sometimes you just want to crawl back to your apartment and never set foot on the streets of the city again. But hey! All those struggles make you stronger! You know what they say "If you can make it here you'll make it anywhere".

"New Yorkers are obsessed with coffee".

Yep, that's true. Totally. Undeniably. True! Mostly because I feel like the take-away cups are considered to be the symbol of NYC at this point and because you need caffein to go on with your regular life (it's really busy here if you couldn't tell). Also the other day I have read an article about the density of coffee houses in NY and boy oh boy it's pretty crazy. There are around two hundred and seventy Starbucks coffee houses in NY So... yeah... people really like their coffee here.

"Is it true that you can meet celebrities just by walking on the streets?"

I mean yes and no. It all depends on a place where you hang out! Celebrities don't like the attention of the crowd and especially the paparazzi! So don't expect Angelina Jolie to give the autographs outside Barneys (lol). However! There's always a place called SoHo. SoHo is pretty much the most fashionable and posh neighbourhood in New York with small and narrow streets ... low population and its really expensive ... you see where I'm going right? I swear there wasn't a single time when haven't seen a celeb while in SoHo. Jayden Smith, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner they all spend their time there either shopping or waiting for a car. So, if you consider yourself a celebrity hunter SoHo is a place to be!

So there you go! Hope you've learnt something new today! Now you know what life is all about here (kinda).