Libertà by Francesca

It is quite rare that I actually attend shows that begin at 8pm. I simply feel exhausted by that time and the only thing I want to do is to get some of my favourite peach - flavoured green tea and relax at home. There was one show however I managed to attend at that time and that certainly wasn't a mistake. In fact in turned out to be one of the best shows of the week for me. 

Francesca Liberatore, a fellow Londoner who graduated from Central Saint Martins (a school where I was once invited to attend an interview and considered studying in) made a powerful entrance for the Fall. Inspired by the powerful and popular like Franklin Roosevelt who was able to affect the American culture for the upcoming centuries.

Metallic effect on fabrics, embroidered floral motives on sheer tulles, bold stripes are just few of the lush ingredients Francesca threw in the pot while creating the ultimate collection for the Fall/Winter season. As in the case with the majority of collections this season there was a lot of brushed and crushed velvet. Velvet is clearly the direction fashion's moving in right now so there's really no wonder.

The color palette screams "freedom", burnt orange, champagne, brick red, magenta, black, they are noble and powerful. The collection is simple yet complex at the same time. The amount of details on velvet-embelished sheer maxi skirts contrasts with plain oversized metallic coats. This collection is unpredictable and worships the brave. 

There's was one thing I wanted to note. I believe the use of fur wasn't that necessary here. It definitely is luxurious and we all know New Yorkers love their furs but I suggest Francesca to join the ranks of her fellow designers like Tadashi Shoji and Stella McCartney who switched to faux fur a long time ago (It still looks fabulous). 

Francesca Liberatore is probably one of my biggest discoveries this season. Brand's newest collection is for people who are not searching for a compromise  Freedom to be yourself, freedom of speech and freedom of choice is something that's been constantly celebrated on the runway during the show and that's definitely applaudable.