"I'm camo'ed all out, like I'm in the military"

Let’s talk prints or more specifically let’s talk camo.

There are few things that never go out of style in the urban world. Things like a plain white tee, beanies, pot print and yes, camouflage pattern. Every time military’s having a come back in fashion - my heart rejoices because there’s simply nothing like a good camo moment.

Here’s a little bit of history: word camouflage actually comes from French term “camoufler” which basically means “to disguise” (you didn’t think the word was actually English did you?). There was a time when French army was employing various Parisian artists to paint their guns, observation posts, artillery weapons and helmets. That way enemies would struggle to spot the French troops in the woods.

So obviously camouflage had some practical purpose to it (it probably still does, any soldiers here?) but let’s face it … its also pretty. From classic tees by Bathing Ape to fishtail parkas by Zara - everyone seems to have camo in their collections nowadays. Its not just the affordable/urban brands who do that, slowly but surely camo is making its way into high-fashion (a great example is Virgil Abloh’s Off-White). Now, obviously the traditional camouflage print consists of many colours like khaki, black, swamp green and walnut brown. This makes camo a natural choice for the Autumn/Winter period. However, camouflage is a unique print, the one that adapts to the change of seasons. So if its sunny outside and you want to wear something summery and fresh - just wear a camo tee with different colours (like black, magenta pink, flamingo pink).

So, the bottom line is - you want to look stylish - wear camo. Not sure what to wear - wear camo. Want to dress like Rihanna or The Weeknd - you wear camo. Not into the statement pieces - wear camo.

Camouflage isn’t just a way to play it safe. Its iconic, eternal and truly stylish.