How to rock oversized clothes?

The art of wearing oversized clothes.

We live in the age where slim-fit is so yesterday. Armies of street wear brands like Vetements or KTZ have adopted the concept of oversized clothes a long time ago. So how to properly rock oversized clothes? Here are some basic points you should follow when trying to go oversized.

You need the shoulders to be dropped. The seam lines have to be approximately 2-3 (sometimes 4-5) inches away from your actual shoulder lines (follow the symmetry). When it comes to sleeves - they need to be longer. I usually go for about 2-3 inches longer than the length of my hands. That way it’ll be oversized just enough. If you’re willing to go for a mega-oversized look like in cases with Vetements jackets - the previous rule doesn’t apply here. In that case the sleeves are usually about 4-6 inches longer than your hand (remember you can always roll the sleeves up!). Garment can both end abruptly on the hip line or continue until upper thighs. Garment should be put on easily and move freely when you are moving. If you’re wearing an oversized jacket - don’t forget to lower the garment down over one of you shoulders for this perfect oversized-Kim-kinda look.

Try doing that, try going one size bigger than usual or true-to-size clothes of brands famous for oversized clothes (check out Hood by Air for instance). Once you’ll try going oversized - you may never go back.