How to do fashion week.

Fashion month is upon us. That can only mean two things. One - Wintour is coming (sorry couldn't resist). Two - its time to put on your best Prada coats and have a good time!

Fashion week is all about making business, creativity and networking but let's face it, its also a very enjoyable event. You meet amazing people, get inspiration from everywhere, people take pictures of you just for looking pretty (lol) but how do you not lose control during this intense time? Here are few tips and advices for all my fellow fashionistas out there!

   Disclaimer! Pictures used here are from London Fashion Week (AW15, SS16 and AW16 editions).

1. Stay organised. Fashion week is the time of a total mayhem. You run from show to a show, ride the cab all the time, your iPhone's battery's constantly running low ... sometimes you even miss lunch (I know ... Heavens forbid). So plan in advance, create a schedule and set out your priorities! Also get yourself a nice pouch bag to store all of your invitations in one place (a fashion week must-have).

2. Remember when to pause. Don't forget to take some time to rest. Should you feel like stopping for a glass of Моёt and Chandon - do that. Its really easy to get caught up in a moment and feel the pressure of your surroundings so remember to pause to regain your strength.

3. Street style. Of course one of the best things about fashion week is the street style. Its the time when everyone's expressing their creativity by simply doing THE MOST. So if you are a photographer be ready to spend a bit of your time in the cold hunting for the outfits. On contrast to that, if you are a fellow fashionista don't forget to take some time to pose for the street style photographers. This will result in landing both of you amazing pictures to post on your blogs and social media.

4. Shoes. I mean this one here is kind of biased but I'm going to say it anyway! I know its fashion week, I know its time to show off all your glam but there's never been a fashion week when I didn't wear sneakers. Let's not kid ourselves, the running game is real. You need comfy kicks to travel around the city. So my best advice would be to pick some nice designer kicks, constructing your outfit around them. Boots? Erm maybe. You can of course always wear some high-heel Louboutins shoes ... provided you are Nicki Minaj stepping out of your Rolls Royce parked 5 metres away from the entrance to the venue shortening the walking time by approximately 90 percent (lol). But again, the choice is yours!

5. Have fun! Fashion Week is the ultimate experience when it comes to the fashion industry and its definitely a privilege to be there. Many people would literally give anything to get at least one invitation to any catwalk show/presentation. So appreciate the fact that you are where you are! Take some amazing pictures of your outfits, go to the after-parties, celebrate creativity and of course do some business. 

Hope this post makes your preparation for fashion week a little bit easier.

Have a good fashion week everyone!