H&M x KENZO (Hear 'em ROAR)

After last year’s collaboration and all the “Balmain mania” this year's proved to be much quieter. I remember strolling down Regent street and seeing people lining up 12 hours before the opening time (That’s pretty crazy in my book). So this year I’ve literally scrolled through the look book but never thought of getting anything (cause … you know I’m trying to avoid the stampedes).

So on the launch date I was on my way to school and decided to walk via Times Square (for those who don’t know they have the biggest H&M store in the world there). Guess what? Shining lights, a five-minute countdown and … about forty people in the line. Yep, not four hundred, not four thousand - forty! I’m still trying to figure out how is that even possible. I mean on Times Square, in the centre of the freaking universe, with the biggest H&M store on the planet … ok yeah.

Anyways, I obviously couldn’t resist and did a little morning shopping (I was also late for class but whatevs). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more colourful collection in my entire life (Except for Fyodor Golan’s AW15). This is certainly where I should warn you by saying - this collection is for the brave. Its definitely not your casual wear. There’s just no way you’re going to sneak into your subway train unnoticed wearing an ember orange jacket with neon pink leopard spots. So if you’re not really a fan of colours - keep reading because it gets worse. The whole collection felt super tropical and took the buyers on a journey to the Jungle. Almost every item has a floral/animal print. You have white tiger stripes, pink leopard spots and blue flowers as well as many other patterns.

Your boy is pretty brave so I managed to snatch few items before they were gone. So I got the visor sunglasses - they look good … but made out of plastic (a shame). A tiger tee with a blue floral pattern. A matching cap, by the way Kenzo’s caps have sizes and they never use straps for regulating the size of the cap (I’ll never understand that). The all-the-time-turning-heads super fluffy multi-coloured jacket - which is my favourite item I bought (black tiger stripes, but of course). A green/blue sweatshirt with an embroidered yellow tiger and one green beanie. Since every customer was limited to one item of each style - this is as much as I was basically allowed to buy.

To summarise: this collection is definitely not for everyone and countless amount of my friends (average consumers) have proclaimed it “weird” and too “vulgar” for them. It is also obviously less successful than the previous one. However, bold prints and wide range of colours certainly make items from the collection desirable by people who like to stand out from the crowd and try something new. Or better yet If you are obsessed with colours - there’s just no way you’re missing this collection. Also, if you’re a fan of the brand it is a good time to get the designs by Kenzo for a very attractive price. You can get it online, in-store or you can try eBay.

Thanks for reading!