Getting Ready for Spring/Summer 17: Hood By Air

Our world is always in motion and so is fashion. Contemporary fashion is becoming more and more prominent nowadays and as we know there always has to be a leader of the pack, in that case its Hood By Air (please don't tell me you never heard about it). 

HBA's provocative (signature) slogans are back for Spring/Summer 17. Along with that they are also introducing a series of new shapes (like HBA always would).  New York based brand decided to stay true to its roots and made all items in the collection oversized and baggy. It seems that the collection is really at the extremes, items are either black/white or neon colorful as in the case with one of the runway looks (light neon blue vest, top and pants). Its the revolution that HBA is known for however and this time it was all about the details. Collection features retro-futurist sunglasses with yellow lenses and ... two-sided boots (kinda impractical?). Personally I do not see a way anyone can rock them but lovers of statement pieces are sure to get a pair. 

All in all this collection is a definitely a proposition of how the future of fashion is going to look like and the best thing about this kind of future is the fact that its happening right now. 

Take a look at the collection bellow!

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