Finding new ways to wear black

 "I imposed black. It reigns still, because black trumps all" - Gabriel Chanel. 

Black is that color that does not need an introduction or doesn't require any kind of the instruction manual. It accentuates all the nice features of our bodies and diminishes anything we may possibly "hate" about them. Its universal and truly timeless ... but sometimes head to toe black can be a bit boring. So here are few of my suggestions how you can elevate your black outfit, few ways of spicing things up if you will. 

First and foremost - attention to details. Don't be afraid to accessorize your look by adding some bling. If I wear head to toe black (which is not actually that often) I try wearing some fashion jewellery with my outfit as well. I usually go with some silver rings/knuckle dusters. Honestly, It doesn't necessary have to be a Tiffany ring encrusted with precious gems and stones (though of course you're welcome to rock whatever you want). The point is to mix things up, to add a perfect finishing touch. On pictures I'm wearing a Vivienne Westwood ring I bought about a year ago and an armour ring which I actually got from Amazon (I reckon it was £9).


Next I would try to pick a unique black piece to wear. One that has some drape work going on or has an unusual shape. Here I'm wearing one of my Rick Owens tops which actually features some draping and warping at the upper part and solid (extremely dense cotton) stretching down in the bottom (turn up the brightness on your device to see the details better!) Once again don't be afraid to wear your Chanel boy bag or Casely Hayford backpack with your outfit. The goal is to create a well balanced outfit after all.


Lastly - your footwear. Usually when we think of a black head to toe outfit - we think of a shiny pair of D&G shoes or your less-conservative-croc-embossed Versace loafers. I prefer wearing sneakers. It of course depends on the occasion or the errands you have to run on a certain day but I try to wear sneakers most of the time. Sneakers make things more interesting and modern - as if you were screaming "Hey what up I'm a 21st century kinda guy/chick!". Plus it gives you a unique opportunity to add a hint of milk white to your black kingdom. As we all know black and white are kinda like BFFs and enjoy chilling together so I'd try to find a pair of sneakers with some white happening here and there. Alternatively you can also pair them with white socks which can have an abstract design. If you're feeling extra daring - you can try doing both (I'm wearing my Rick Owens x Adidas techno runners and KTZ socks).


So there you go, hopefully you will get inspired to try out something new and to play around with your black outfit. Remember its not what your outfit HAS its what it DOESN'T HAVE! Always try to be extra critical of your outfit ... but not too critical ... its black after all.