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About me

Many thanks for showing interest in my website and my life (lol)! I'm Vitalijs, pronounced Vi-ta-les, a tricky name I know. On my website I share everything that interests me the most like fashion, travelling and many other aspects of life. You probably wonder what am I all about? Well, allow me to give you some facts about myself. Five facts will do I think. One - I curently reside in NYC and drink caramel macchiato from Starbucks on a daily basis. Two - ninety percent of the time I wear shades. Three -Japan and Australia are probably the countries I want to visit the most because you know ... one has sushi and the other one has koalas. Four - my favourite fashion brands would have to be Rick Owens, KTZ, HBA, Dior and Vetements, they are just everything. Lastly  I am a massive Lady Gaga fan so if you'll happen to have a spare ticket for one of her concerts give me a call, deal? Cool.