So who am I once again?

Many thanks for showing interest in my blog and my life (lol)! I'm Vitalijs, pronounced Vi-ta-les, a tricky name I know, you can just call me V.

 You are probably wondering what I am all about? Well, allow me to give you some quick-fire facts about me. Five facts will do I think...

One - I live and study in Los Angeles, California and drink caramel macchiato from Starbucks on a daily basis (an old habit I got from living in New York, I drink protein smoothies after the hikes though).

Two - 90% of the time I'm wearing sunglasses. 

Three - I'm obsessed with traveling! I've been to over 30 countries and right now Japan and Australia are pretty much on the top of my list of places to visit because you know ... one has sushi and the other has koalas, duh. 

Four - I consider myself a fashion fanatic and love discovering new brands, help supporting young creative talents around the globe and yes, wearing bad-ass outfits! 

Five - I'm pretty artsy and think of myself as of a free, creative spirit who requires to express his creativity from time to time, whether its through fashion, music or film.

Lastly  I am a massive Lady Gaga fan so if you'll ever happen to have a spare ticket for one of her amazing shows give me a call, deal? Cool.

Wanna contact me?